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PIL on Tuesday, January 15th

When:Tu 15-01-2019 12:00 - 13:00

‚ÄčThis PIL will be given by Hidde Haisma of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology group and Cleo van Diemen, Department of Genetics, UMCG.

The title of their presentation is:

Gene doping detection by Next Generation Sequencing

Gene doping represents a threat to the integrity of sport and the health of athletes. The anti-doping community has been focusing efforts on developing a test for its detection. The current methodology for detection of gene doping uses the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) that targets unique sequences in a doping gene, which correspond to exon-exon junctions in the intron-less transgene. As the sequences of cDNA of Epo and other doping genes are known, it is relatively easy to aggravate this test, which will then result in a false-negative result. Recently, we developed a new gene doping detection assay that will overcome this problem. The test is based on targeted sequencing of potential doping genes and cDNA with the potential to detect any doping gene in any context with a very high sensitivity. Using an in-house designed next generation sequencing assay, we developed a gene doping detection assay for cDNA of doping genes which targets all potential exon-exon junctions of all possible transcripts. The test does not require any reference material as the genomic DNA serves as an internal control. In addition, any attempt to tamper the assay by changing the codon sequence will be readily detected. This research is crucial in the development of a reliable routine method for detection of gene doping with multiple genes that could be potentially used in all sports.

The dates and locations of the PILin 2019 are as follows:

Tuesday, January 15th: 3215-0126 - Hidde Haisma
Tuesday, February 12th: Boeringzaal - Barbara Bakker
Tuesday, March 12th:  Boeringzaal - Marcel Kenter
Tuesday, April 9th: Boeringzaal - Liset van Dijk
Tuesday, May 14th: Boeringzaal -  Frank Dekker
Tuesday, June 11th: Pharmacy Day

You are all more than welcome to attend the PIL. The PILcommittee hopes that you will come in great numbers.
Best regards, also on behalf of the PIL committee.