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PIL on Tuesday 8th May

When:Tu 08-05-2018 12:00 - 13:00
The ninth PIL of year 2017/2018 will be held on Tuesday, May 8th at 12 midday in 3214-0081 with a lunch afterwards in the catering area opposite the Keuningzaal. This PILwill be given by Shabnam Shaabani of the Drug Design group.
The title of her presentation is:

Drug discovery at the speed of sound

A blockbuster drug generates > $ 1 billion revenues per year. Each day not on the market corresponds to a loss of > $ 2.7 million. Multiple benchmark reports suggest development costs of drugs are skyrocketing while the introduction of novel drugs is decreasing or at best stagnating. Part of the problems can be attributed to the preclinical drug discovery and development involving expensive high throughput screening (HTS) and hit-to-lead campaigns using mostly traditional technologies.

Here we introduce a fundamentally novel approach towards preclinical drug discovery and development by blending Instant Chemistry, nL dispensing, acoustic-MS, uHTS and artificial intelligence.

Acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) technology allows for the fast, contact-less and accurate transfer of very small droplets (nL) from plate to plate of different high density formats. ADE has had a dramatic impact in different technology areas, including drug discovery, cancer research and genomic research and is used in many laboratories world-wide. However, ADE has never been used in miniaturization and acceleration of library synthesis for uHT to dramatically accelerate the preclinical drug discovery cycle.

One-pot multicomponent reactions (Instant Chemistry, MCRs) are suitable to create very large libraries of small molecules and macrocycles.[1-2] A prototype instrumentation platform is developed which allows for the parallel synthesis of hundreds of libraries of scaffolds on an unprecedented dense format. The platform is integrated with acoustic-MS for quality control and an efficient affinity-based mass-spectrometry screening platform using the same high density format. Artificial intelligence is developed to ensure never-seen-before fast cycle times for hit-2-lead progression.[3]

We applied speed of sound technology successfully to different protein-protein interactions including menin-MLL, p53-MDM2 and IL17.

The dates and locations of the PILin 2018 are as follows:
Tuesday, 8 mei: 3214-0081 - Shabnam Shaabani
Tuesday, 12 juni (Pharmacy Day):

You are all more than welcome to attend the PIL. The PIL committee hopes that you will come in great numbers.
Best regards, also on behalf of the PIL committee