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PhD defence Priscilla Zetstra-van der Woude

When:Mo 25-01-2016 at 14:30
Where: Academy Buildding

Priscilla Zetstra-van der Woude

Data collection on risk factors in pregnancy

The thesis of Priscilla van der Woude aims to investigate the different methods of data collection of risk factors in pregnancy. Several observational epidemiologic study designs were used to assess associations between risk factors and negative birth outcomes. She especially looked at the use of folic acid around pregnancy and asthma medication.

With a recommended folic acid use of more than 50% in 2014, folic acid supplementation around pregnancy has stabilized during the last decade in the Netherlands. Certain groups of women are prescribed a higher dose of folic acid during pregnancy that what is normally recommended. Little is known however about possible negative effects. Van der Woude found an increased risk up to 26% for the recurrent prescription of inhalation corticosteroids in the offspring exposure to maternal high dose folic acid during pregnancy. With regard to the use of asthma medication during pregnancy, despite their understanding of the importance of adequate asthma-control, many women stop their controller therapy when they become pregnant with substantial risk of the asthma getting less well controlled and consequent risks for the infant. Many women have their worries about possible risks of their asthma and their asthma medications and perceive a lack of support and guidance. Van der Woude found no conclusive evidence to undervalue the validity and completeness of self-reported internet-derived data compared to data obtained via traditional survey methods or derived from health care workers or medical databases, except for data on birth defects. However, for risk assessment studies looking at birth defects, and especially birth defects that are rare, acquiring an adequate number of cases, is a challenge.

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