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Lecture - Prof. Marc Peters-Golden, University of Michigan, USA

When:Th 28-04-2016 11:00 - 12:00
Where:3215-0126, Antonius Deusinglaan 1

Knocking Your SOCS Off: A Novel Form of Macrophage-Epithelial Crosstalk in the Lung

Prof Peters-Golden has a longstanding interest in diseases like asthma, COPD and pulmonay fibrosis and is a world-renowned expert on eicosanoids. This is an abstract from his NIH biosketch:
"The long-term goals of my research program have been to understand lung inflammation, immunity, and remodeling. We employ molecular, biochemical, pharmacologic, and in vivo approaches to study homeostasis and disease. Major themes in my research in which we have made important contributions include the following: unique aspects of alveolar macrophage (AM) biology; intercellular communication among AMs, alveolar epithelial cells (AECs), and fibroblasts; intracellular localization of eicosanoid-forming enzymes; cross-regulation between eicosanoids and other mediators; the balance between activating leukotrienes and suppressive prostaglandin E2 as a paradigm governing innate immunity in the lung; the pleiotropic anti-fibrotic mechanisms of action of prostaglandin E2; acquired states of dysregulation of eicosanoid synthesis and signaling in disease; and therapeutic application of eicosanoids. A new direction over the last 2 years focuses on a unique form of cross-talk in which AMs secrete suppressors of cytokine signaling (SOCS) proteins – critical intracellular brakes on JAK-STAT activation that had never previously been identified extracellularly – within extracellular vesicles that can be taken up by AECs to restrain inflammatory signaling. My contributions to science are reflected in a total of 255 articles and chapters.”

A Master Class will also be given by Prof. Peters-Golden from 1-5 pm in 3211-S34. Please contact Barbro Melgert ( B.N.Melgert ) before April 21st if you would like to present data or talk to Prof. Peters-Golden.