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MCB Lecture - Prof. Judith Klein-Seetharaman, University of Warwick, UK

When:Th 28-04-2016 12:00 - 13:00
Where:A. Deusinglaan 1, 3215‐0165

The research programme Medicinal Chemistry & Bioanalysis (MCB) cordially invites interested staf and PhD students for a lecture by Prof J udith Klein-Seetharaman

Molecular Motivators for Life-Style Changes

Judith Klein-Seetharama n is professor of Biomedicine and Systems Biology of the Medical School and Institute for Digital Healthcare of the University of Warwick, UK

The challenge: Obesity is an escalating global epidemic, with estimated annual costs of $12 million in the UK and $150 million in the US alone, due to associated chronic diseases such as diabetes and metabolic syndromes. Weight loss is the most critical goal in the management of these diseases, yet success has been limited. Most diets results in a rapid weight regain after individuals return to their “normal” diets. New paradigms are needed to facilitate long-term weight loss.

The hypothesis: We propose that urine analysis can complement weight measurements as a source of markers for successful dieting and can be integrated with information on food intake and exercise to provide feedback to individuals aiming to lose weight.

Results so far: In a current study at the University of Warwick Medical School “Wee your weight away” we have collected data from 50 participants logging events of food intake, exercise, weight and urine sample collection and volume using the Digital Health Platform (DHP) available at . Due to the established significance for metabolism regulation, insulin was quantified in the urine samples and has revealed a correlation between both, urine volume and insulin measurements and weight loss.

Implications: Our approach provides an opportunity to develop personalized, individual optimization protocols for people who wish to lose weight.

For more information: (Alex Dömling)