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International Symposium

When:Fr 14-12-2018 12:30 - 17:25
Where:Boeringzaal ADL 1 Groningen

Dynamics in signaling and the pharmacological toolbox

Ariëns meets Schmiedeberg

Organizer Prof. Martina Schmidt


12.30 Arrival with coffee and tea

Session I

Chair: Prof. Sabeth Verpoorte (Chair Board Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy)

12.55-13.00 Prof. Erik Frijlink (Director Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy)


13.00-13.25 Prof. Martin Michel (Mainz, D) Airway research in a public pharmacy setting

13.25-13.50 Prof. Thomas Wieland (Mannheim/Heidelberg, D) Moonlight activities of a housekeeping enzyme: Nucleoside diphosphate kinase and protein histidine phosphorylation

13.50-14.15 Prof. Klaus Aktories (Freiburg, D) The sweet death by toxins

14.15-14.40 Prof. Roos Masereeuw (Utrecht, NL) The pharmacology of kidney regeneration: a team effort

14.40-15.00 Coffee break

Session II

Chair: Prof. Frank Dekker (Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology, Groningen)

15.00-15.25 Prof. Frank Lezoualc'h (Toulouse, F) Mitochondrial and myocardial Epac

15.25-15.50 Prof. Luís Cristóvão Pȏrto (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Obstructive lung disease: Fibrosis meets oxidative stress

15.50-16.15 Prof. Rob Henning (Groningen, NL) Pharmacomimicry: Forwarding cell protective mechanisms of hibernators to therapeutics

16.15-16.30 Coffee break

Session III

Chair: Prof. Klaas Poelstra (Vice-dean Faculty of Science and Engineering, Groningen)

16.30-16.45 Prof. Petra Rudolf (Member & colleague of the UG Rosalind Franklin Committee) Martina - an exemplary Rosalind Franklin Fellow

16.45-16.55 Dr. Amalia Dolga (Rosalind Franklin Fellow, Molecular Pharmacology) Benefits of the Dutch polder model

16.55-17.05 Prof. Reinoud Gosens (Molecular Pharmacology) Research dynamics at MF: never a dull moment

17.05-17.10 Prof. Gerard Koppelman (Chair Groningen Research Institute of Asthma & COPD) Translational respiratory research in GRIAC: teamwork!

17.10-17.15 Prof. Erik Frijlink (Director Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy) The lack of GRIP on Martina

17.15-17.20 Prof. Jasper Knoester (Dean Faculty of Science and Engineering, Groningen) A dean's view

17.20-17.25 Prof. Martina Schmidt (Molecular Pharmacology) Cross talk matters

Organizing committee:
Janneke Fekkes-Koolman
Manon Woest
Asmaa Oun
Martina Schmidt