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Hora Finita for PhD students

Hora Finita is the online PhD management system of the University of Groningen, in which all PhD projects are registered, monitored and processed from start to finish. It is used, consulted and updated by the Graduate School, the supervisors and the PhD students themselves. PhD students may access only their own file in Hora Finita. Individual privacy is guaranteed, so each of the parties mentioned has specific rights and duties with regard to accessing, adding to or amending data.

Hora Finita gives PhD students an up-to-date insight into the progress of their PhD project. Basic details of a PhD project as well as, for instance, a copy of the Training and Support Plan are uploaded to Hora Finita at the start of a PhD and can be accessed and viewed instantly.

Hora Finita is also used to schedule all Result and Development interviews, with timely reminders sent to the PhD student and the supervisors. Upon completion of the interview, the interview forms are stored in Hora Finita, after which the PhD student can access them at all times.

Moreover, all training activities are recorded in Hora Finita by the PhD student. Details of activities can be entered at all times. The supervisors will subsequently be notified by the system to approve these activities and sign off on the credits involved.

Finally, all formalities leading to a thesis defence are digitized in Hora Finita. This process is put in motion when the PhD student uploads his/her manuscript to Hora Finita. Once it has been digitally approved by the supervisors, all parties involved en route to a defence - from members of the Assessment Committee to the PhD degree registration office - will be informed by Hora Finita in due time about their respective duties and the (online) actions required.

In short, Hora Finita is used for a multitude of applications and plays a central role in a PhD project, from start to finish.

You can log on to Hora Finita at using your P-number and password.

For questions, comments or additional information, please contact the Graduate School Theology and Religious Studies (

Hora Finita for PhD students

PhD students use Hora Finita with regards to:


details of your admission to the PhD programme and to the Graduate School (such as your TSP) are stored and immediately accessible for you through Hora Finita.

Educational activities

you register all training activities (courses, conferences, teaching) directly in Hora Finita. This can be done at any time. The credits are subsequently approved by your supervisor. He/she is periodically notified by the system that activities have been added to your file, awaiting approval. You don' t have to use the Training Journal anymore.

Result & Development interviews

for all PhD students who have started their PhD after 1 January 2013, the R&D interviews are scheduled through Hora Finita, with timely reminders sent to you and other parties involved. The forms used remain the same and are accessible by you at all times. Before an R&D interview you need to fill out the forms and upload them in Hora Finita. Your supervisor (s) will subsequently download and use them in preparation of the meeting .

Organization of PhD ceremony

all formalities leading up to your defense are digitized in Hora Finita. This process is put in motion with the uploading of your manuscript in Hora Finita for approval by your supervisor(s). Subsequently, all parties that are involved along the way to your defense will be informed by Hora Finita in due time of their respective duties and required (online) actions.

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