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How to apply for a UG PhD Scholarship

The University of Groningen (UG) offers scholarships to talented students who would like to pursue a PhD. In the UG PhD Scholarship Programme, prospective PhD students are invited to write their own PhD research proposal in collaboration with an expert PhD supervisor of the University of Groningen with whom the students would like to work. Click here for more information about the programme.

How to apply for a full scholarship?

Available scholarships will be posted on the vacancies webpage of the university. Most of these scholarships are offered by our research institutes. Institutes may provide more information about if and when scholarships will become available on their webpages.

How to apply for a supplemental scholarship?

Students who come to the University of Groningen with a competitive scholarship from the government of their home country (e.g. scholarships from CSC, LPDP, Conacyt) will under certain conditions receive a supplemental scholarship from the University of Groningen. To obtain a PhD position with us, the first step is to find a prospective supervisor. You can find more information about potential supervisors on the webpages of the research institute that fits your research interests.

Last modified:23 July 2018 11.12 a.m.