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University Medical Center Groningen

Organising Committee 2018


Hi! I’m Hannah, the chair of the organizing committee of 2018. Currently I’m in my third year of medicine in Groningen. During the Summer School Ageing Brain last year, I was responsible for the Social Programme. This has been one of the best experiences of my time as a student in Groningen, it made me proud of our University and the beautiful city we live in. I’m looking forward to show this to you all in the summer of 2018! Next to this committee I am an active member of the medical study association where I will be organizing the abroad trip for students. Furthermore, I like to play field hockey and party with my friends. I hope to see you all in Groningen this summer so we can show you the best student city of the Netherlands!


Hi everyone! My name is Frouke, and I am 19 years old. I’m the secretary of the committee this year. I’m currently in the second year of medicine at the University of Groningen. This is also the second year I live here and I’m really enjoying the city of Groningen! I play soccer at the student soccer society ‘the knickerbockers’ and I joined the rowing club ‘aegir’ this year. I love to travel and I also love to go to festivals in the summer. I’m really looking forward to meet you all in the summer!


Hi! My name is Sietske and I’m the treasurer of this year’s Summer School Ageing Brain. I’m 20 years old and currently in my second year of medicine in Groningen, where I’ve been living for 1,5 year now. Besides my study I hang out with friends a lot. I also love to play sports, I do Crossfit at Crossfit Noord in Groningen, this year I started playing hockey at GCHC and I really love to go skiing. I’m really looking forward to meet you all this summer here in Groningen!


Hi everyone! I’m Lisa and this year I’m in charge of the Public Relations and the health examinations. I’m 21 years old and this is my third year of medicine. I really enjoy my time here in Groningen and I’m am very glad that I made the choice to go study here. Next to medicine and this committee, I am a member of the Student Hockey Association here in Groningen, which I enjoy very much. Furthermore, I like to play tennis and hang out with my friends. I am very excited about the Summer School that we are organizing thing year, and hope to see you this summer in our amazing city!

Educational Programme

Hello! We are Eva and Daphne and we are responsible for putting together the educational programme for the Summer School Ageing Brain. We are going to make sure you will enjoy a week full of interesting lectures, inspiring speakers, a field trip and workshops in which you gain some hands on experience. During the 2 weeks we will guide you through all different fields of neurology, from anatomy to clinical insights, innovative research and new technological treatment options. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store!

Hello! My name is Eva. Currently, I am 20 years old and I am in the third year of the bachelor of medicine in Groningen. I live in Groningen as well, with my six lovely roommates! Together with Daphne, I will be responsible for the educational programme of the Summer School Ageing Brain 2018. I am very excited for this Summer School and hope to assemble an informative and interesting programme for our participants. Besides organizing this Summer School, I work in the University Medical Center Groningen and I like to play tennis. I hope to see you in Groningen this summer!

Hi! I’m Daphne, I am in my third year of medicine at the University of Groningen and I’ve been living in Groningen for almost 2 years now. Besides my study I work as an assistant at the emergency GP service and I am doing research in the UMCG at the paediatric intensive care unit. In my free time I like to go rowing and spend some time with friends. I’m looking forward to spending 2 amazing weeks together, see you in Groningen!

Social Programme

Hello everybody! We are Davin and Martinica, the people who will make you enjoy this adventure as much as you can! We are the organizers of the Social Program of the Summer School Ageing Brain 2018.We are going to take you on a journey through Groningen. Groningen is a student city in the North of Holland, very well-known for its amazing nightlife and gezelligheid - a specific Dutch term which can be translated as “pleasant vibe”- , but you will definitely experience it by yourself once you get here! From theme parties to an international cooking event, our Social Program is really diverse and made for everybody! And more: a day-trip to Schiermonnikoog, an alternative tour of Groningen and our faculty.We can’t wait to see you all in July 2018!

Hi! My name is Davin, one of the two who is going to organize the Social Programme. I’m in my third year of Dentistry. I’m thankful to be a part of the summer school Ageing Brain committee. I think it is always nice to do something outside of your field. Besides organising this Summer School, I'm also active within my study association where I organise a Dentistry Symposium with my committee. My hobbies are tennis, squash, music and having a good time with friends and family. I’m really excited and hope to see you all in Groningen in July 2018!

Hello everyone! I’m Martinica, I come from Italy and I’m in my third year of Bachelor in Medicine. Together with Davin, I am part of the Social Program organizing-team and I’m very enthusiastic about it! Something about me in short: I am a really easy-going, friendly and active person, I love playing the guitar, cooking, doing sports, listening to music and hanging around with my friends! I have great expectations on this Summer School and I can’t wait for July to come - I hope you are excited too! Ciaooo!

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