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AiMED is an organisation by future doctors for future doctors, with the aim to bring education and opportunities related to AI and Data Science to medical students, young researchers and healthcare professionals. Our scope is thereby mainly the University Medical Center Groningen, one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands. We organise events, lectures, workshops and plan to integrate education about AI into the educational curriculum of medical students via elective courses.

The doctors of tomorrow learn little to nothing about the technologies of tomorrow. Whilst we know everything about anatomy, physiology and disease of the human body, we have no idea about how computers work, let alone Data Science or Artificial Intelligence. However, all these have long found their way into medical research - without being critically appraised by physicians, who never learned to deal with them.

AiMED organises lectures about current research and practice around AI and Data Science in healthcare, as well as educational opportunities for medical students. We are for instance collaborating with external stakeholders like IBM in order to provide future doctors with courses about AI and Data Science.

The UMCG motto of Healthy Ageing is increasingly reliant on development in personalized medicine and the integration of large sets of complex health data. In order to rise up to this challenge, AiMED wishes to help equip (future) medical professionals with the relevant tools to integrate AI and Data Science into daily clinical practice and game-changing research with direct benefits for patients.

Want to discuss possibilities for collaboration? Send an email to aimed.groningen

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