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University Medical Center Groningen

Study requirements

Within the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) every PhD student must be registered with the Graduate School of Medical Sciences (GSMS). This applies for everyone preparing a PhD thesis. The curriculum has a varied program, which gives all students working on a thesis the opportunity to join courses related to their research and circumstances.

The GS curriculum is based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). While carrying out the 'standard' four-year research project, 30 ECTS credit points must be earned by taking courses and doing workshops (chosen freely). As there are several categories of PhD students the required number of ECTS credit points (EC) varies accordingly:
- 4 years: 30 EC*
- 3 years: 22.5 EC*
- 2 years: 15 EC*

*1 EC = 28 hours approx. (of contact time or working hours on a subject). The GSMS Education Committee is responsible for assigning the credit points.

A minimum of 10 EC must be obtained by taking courses.*
A miminum of 10 EC must be obtained by conducting research activities.*
The remaining 10 EC may be collected by taking courses as well as conducting research activities.

*This applies to 4 years tracks; 3 and 2 years accordingly less.

ECTS credit points can be obtained by:
1. Taking courses in the GSMS education program
2. Taking courses at other institutes and organizations
3. Taking Research Master’s program courses
4. Conducting research activities.

EC for research related and academic activities                                                       
The table research related and academic activities describes how several activities will be rewarded from now on. This has been harmonized and therefore institute specific regulations are not valid anymore. Please note that this scheme shows that there are a lot of opportunities for PhD students to get rewarded with credit points beyond the regular course work.
When things either are not clear or you have additions to suggest - please notify your local PhD Education Committee (i.e. GUIDE, Kolff, SHARE, BCN-Brain).

Obligatory Courses
There are three obligatory courses:
1. Thinking about your Research Data Management Plan.
2. Managing your PhD
3. Scientific Integrity
For more information see Obligatory courses

Courses at other institutes and organizations

It is important to know that the courses taken at other institutes and organizations are at least on Master’s level. Bachelor courses cannot be accepted in the PhD education program.

Online courses
Under specific conditions, the Graduate School of Medical Sciences permits taking online courses as part of the PhD education.
Therefore, please read the guidelines carefully and fill in the application form if you wish to take an online course.

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