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PhD training programme

A PhD degree can be regarded as proof of competence to carry out independent academic research. Carrying out research consists of more than writing a book or a collection of articles. To do research implies critical reflection on assumptions and methods, it consists of the ability to present one's research during conferences and seminars, to comment upon and to criticise other contributions and to engage in a meaningful academic debate. The courses in this program are designed to help the PhD researchers to develop into researchers in the widest sense of that term.

The GGSL offers its PhD researchers a broad postgraduate training programme which is developed especially for them. Half of it is a general programme, consisting of courses and master classes about research methods and argumentation, academic writing skills and publishing. The other half of the programme is matter for individual choice, and tailored to individual needs The Summer School of the Legal Research Network (LRN), and the Conference of LRN, are also part of the programme.

Special mention should be made of the so-called “start-up” groups led by staff members prof. Pauline Westerman and mr Hylke Jellema and intended for first-year PhD's. During the regular meetings both the content of one's research as well as the organization of the PhD process can be discussed.

The components of the programme are in principle to be determined in consultation with the supervisors and the coordinator of the Graduate School; and have to be recorded in the Training and Supervision Plan (TSP).

External PhD researchers may join courses of the PhD Training programme in consultation with the supervisor and the coordinator of the GGSL.

The courses by GGSL will be announced by the office of the Graduate School, The GGSL strives to pool these courses within a limited time-span, during the weeks of the Winterschool.

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