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There are different ways to acquire a PhD position at the Faculty of Law.

1. Employee PhDs
The Faculty offers funding for a period of four years to obtain a PhD in Law. In spring 2023 a call for applications will be organized. Candidates must have obtained a Masters degree, preferably a two year research Master or an equivalent of that. They have a strong scientific interest and good research skills.

Selection criteria are the quality of the candidate, the quality of the research proposal, and the degree to which the proposed research can be supervised by the scientific staff of the faculty.

The Faculty may also receive funding for PhD projects from external sources. In that case, a call for applicants will appear on the University website under 'Job opportunities at the University of Groningen'. Successfull candidates will become an employee of the Faculty.

2. Scholarship PhDs
Scholarship PhDs are candidates who have already secured external funding or a scholarship from their own country to carry out a fulltime PhD research project.  Candidates have to meet the same criteria as the PhD's mentioned above.

3. External PhDs
Ambitious professionals who want to enrich their career with scientific research can write their dissertation as external PhD student.

As an external PhD student, you do not have an employment contract with the university. You write your dissertation in your own time and under the supervision of a professor. A dissertation can consist of a monograph, but you can also write a dissertation based on academic publications.

External PhD students are valuable to the faculty. They form an important link between the university and the world outside. The scientific knowledge gained by and with external PhD students usually reaches professional practice more quickly and social questions and problems enter science more quickly.

You can apply if you have a master's degree and a detailed research proposal. If you do not yet have contact with an intended supervisor, we will assist you.

On this page you can read more about the application procedure and what the Graduate School has to offer you. Should you have any further questions, please contact us: ggsl

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