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Group Seminars & Events

Staff Meetings

Bi-monthly meeting of TRÊS' staff members (Mondays, 14:00, 5172.0580)
Contact the student/postdoc representative Raph for information and for getting issues on the staff agenda

TRÊS Seminars

TRÊS organizes a seminar afternoon hosting 4-5 talks from the different PI groups within TRÊS, on the third Wednesday of each month at 13:30 in room 5172.0571. These seminars are the forum for presenting the work of both group members and guest speakers. Group members are expected to attend the seminars and participate in the discussion, and to present their own plans and results at least twice a year. Talks will be scheduled ahead in a Google spreadsheet accessible to all group members. These time slots can be swapped when necessary (e.g. if somebody wants to have an earlier slot for a practice talk), but whenever a speaker on the list is not available, s/he needs to find a substitute. For questions, contact Joke.

  • 19.06.2019
    • Magdalena Kozielska: Evolution of learning
    • Xiaoyan Long: Random mating can drive sexual role transition
    • Erik van Haeringen: Mechanisms underlying the formation of dominance hierarchies
    • Lukas Geyrhofer (Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa): Public good dilemmas in the evolution of antibiotic resistance
  • 15.05.2019
    • Cyrus Mallon: The relationship between biodiversity and evolution
    • Elodie Wilwert: Visual plasticity and species divergence
    • Liang Xu: Infering the effect of competition from evolutionary history and ecological interaction
  • 17.04.2019
    • Anni Veenstra-Skirl: Characterization of bacterial mutator strains for the application in evolution experiments
    • Raphaël Scherrer: On the genomic architecture of adaptive speciation
    • Pedro Santos Neves: The effect of island ontogeny on the evolution of island communities
    • Lauren Seex: The self-organisation of lemur social systems
    • Tirza Moerman: Personality-based habitat choice in three spined sticklebacks
  • 20.03.2019
    • Rampal Etienne: A simple dynamic model explains island bird diversity worldwide
    • Giovanni Laudanno: Correct likelihood calculation for a phylogeny with a single-lineage rate shift
    • Charlotte Hemelrijk: Dynamics of inter-sexual dominance in primates, winner-loser effect and proportion males in the group
    • Jan Kreider: Lifespan divergences between social insect castes and the evolutionary theories of aging
    • Theo Pannetier: Inferring diversity-dependent diversification from branching patterns in phylogenies
  • 20.02.2019
    • Alfredo Rago (Uni Lund/Uni Southhampton): Can plasticity create irreversible constraints?
    • Christoph Netz: Movement strategies and habitat choice in predator-prey coevolution
    • Mário Santos Mira: Environmental predictability and the evolution of parental effects
  • 16.01.2019
    • Sander van Doorn: Unanticipated genetic prerequisites for allochronic diversification in the noctuid moth Spodoptera frugiperda
    • Leonel Herrera Alsina: Species selection
    • Fransje van Weerden: Modelling foragers' reaction to disturbance - A bottom-up study of sociality
    • Felix Geoffroy (Uni Montpelier): Biological markets - Search and matching models
  • 19.12.2018
    • Ido Pen: Overview of my current projects
    • Pratik Gupte: Movement as a link between animal ecology and behaviour
    • Kasper Hendriks: My final year as a PhD: What I learned about microsnail community assembly in Bornean microsnails
    • Helen Kruize: Molecular evolution of bacterial chemotactic networks in response to ecological divergent selection
  • 21.11.2018
    • David Ekkers: Adaptive divergence in action: phenotypic specialization and architectual tradeoffs in a two resource environment
    • Karen Bisschop: Impact of the spatial and community context on local adaptation: experimental evolution with spider mites
    • Apu Ramesh: Migratory syndromes in three-spined sticklebacks
    • Andrea Costanzo: Causes of changes in darkness in flocks of starlings
  • 17.10.2018
    • Franjo Wessing: Reconciling mechanistic and functional perspectives on adaptation
    • Kevin Kort: Modelling the human gut microbiome
    • Rolf Storms: Predator-prey relationships - Complex patterns of collective escape in starlings under predation
    • Pinar Kohlmeier-Güler: Parental temperature effect on offspring fitness
    • Richel Bilderbeek: The errors we make in Bayesian phylogenetics today
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MARM Discussion Group

Weekly meeting of the MARM group (Thursdays, 9:00, 5172.0580)
For information, contact Franjo.

EvoSysBio Discussion Group

Weekly meeting of the Evolutionary Systems Biology group (Thursdays, 11:30, 5173.0519)
For information, contact Sander.

TECE Discussion Group

Monthly meeting of the Theoretical & Evolutionary Community Ecology group (Wednesdays, 10:00, 5172.0571)
For information, contact Rampal.

Literature Club

Once in a while: discussion of a recent book or a set of articles

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