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Invited Lectures & Symposia

Groningen Lectures in Theoretical Biology

TRÊS organizes an ongoing series of lectures where renowned theoretical and computational biologists from all over the world give an overview of their work and the technical tools used to derive their results. Most lectures are organized by the PhD students and postdocs of TRÊS. A lectures is often preceded by a special discussion session of the lecturer with the junior members (MSc and PhD students) of the group. The aim of the lecture series is not only to stimulate scientific discussion among theoreticians but also to promote interactions between theoretical and empirical research in the life sciences. To achieve this, lecturers are asked to give a talk that is accessible for a broad audience. In addition, lecturers are given the opportunity of a more technical session with a smaller circle of theoreticians.
Lectures are scheduled regularly (if possible on Thursdays, 16:00, 5171.0415). For information on individual lectures or the series as a whole, please contact Franjo Weissing.

Recent Lectures
  • Alex Blokhuis (ESPCI Paris, France): The roles of localized interactions and multilevel selection in prebiotic evolution
    Thursday 31-10-2019, 12:00, 5172.0571
  • Carlos Botero (Washington University in St. Louis, USA): Eco-evolutionary implications of climate change
    Monday 08-04-2019, 15:00, 5172.0571
  • Eva Boon (Eindhoven University of Technology): When philosophy and biology meet – On the evolutionary individuality of biofilms
    Wednesday 27-02-2019, 13:30, 5172.0571
  • Sonia Sultan (Wesleyan University, USA): Eco-devo insights to adaptive diversity
    Monday 11-02-2019, 16:00, 5171.0415
  • Harold de Vladar (Parmenides Foundation, Germany): Dynamics and stability of multicultures - A theoretical perspective based on language games
    Monday 14-01-2019, 11:00, 5172.0571
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Symposia & workshops
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