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Mathematical & Computational Biology

Rampal Etienne

Rampal S. Etienne

Professor of Theoretical & Evolutionary Community Ecology
Etienne group

Community phylogenetics, phylogenetic community ecology, diversification models, experimental evolution

Ecology, Evolution, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology, Mathematical & Computational Biology

Charlotte Hemelrijk

Charlotte K. Hemelrijk

Professor of Self-organisation of Social Systems
Rosalind Franklin Fellow
Hemelrijk group

Social structure of fish schools, bird flocks and primate societies, predatory attacks, collective escape by swarms, social behavior in primates and corvids, computer models

Behaviour, Mathematical & Computational Biology

Ido Pen

Ido R. Pen

Associate Professor of Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology
Pen group

Genetic conflict, evolution of sex determination, sexual selection, sexual conflict, evolution of mutualism, evolution of division of labour

Evolution, Population & Evolutionary Genetics, Mathematical & Computational Biology

Johan van de Koppel

Johan van de Koppel

Honorary Professor of Spatial Ecology of Intertidal Systems
Senior Researcher of Estuarine & Delta Systems, NIOZ Yerseke
Van de Koppel group

Spatial ecology of intertidal systems

Ecology, Marine Biology, Mathematical & Computational Biology

Sander van Doorn

G. Sander van Doorn

Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Systems Biology
Van Doorn group

Theoretical biology, evolutionary systems biology, evolutionary ecology, behavioural ecology, speciation theory, sexual selection theory, mathematical population genetics, adaptive dynamics

Evolution, Population & Evolutionary Genetics, Mathematical & Computational Biology

Franjo Weissing

Franz J. Weissing

Professor of Theoretical Biology
Weissing group

Theoretical biology, behaviour, ecology, evolution; evolutionary game theory; dynamical systems; cultural evolution; evolutionary systems biology

Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour, Mathematical & Computational Biology

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