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Marine Biology

Tjeerd Bouma

Tjeerd J. Bouma

Honorary Professor of Biogeomorphological Dynamics and Ecosystem Services of Coastal Zones
Senior Researcher of Spatial Ecology, NIOZ Yerseke
Bouma group

Bio-physical interactions between the forces originating from tidal currents and waves, and species that alter these forces and thereby the environment (i.e., ecosystem engineers)

Ecology, Marine Biology

Klemens Eriksson

B.D.H. Klemens Eriksson

Associate Professor of Marine Ecology
Eriksson lab

Experimental ecology, Wadden Sea benthos, Baltic Sea, coastal food-webs, algae, seagrass ecosystems

Ecology, Marine Biology, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology

Han Olff

Han Olff

Professor of Community and Conservation Ecology
Olff group

We study the structure and functioning of diverse communities and ecosystems, with special attention on how plants, herbivores, detritivores and predators interact

Ecology, Marine Biology, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology

Per Palsbøll

Per J. Palsbøll

Professor of Marine Evolution & Conservation
Palsbøll lab

Population genetics, conservation genetics, evolutionary genetics, marine mammals

Evolution, Population & Evolutionary Genetics, Marine Biology, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology

Theunis Piersma

Theunis Piersma

Endowed Chair of Global Flyway Ecology
Senior Researcher of Coastal Systems, NIOZ Texel
Piersma group

Habitat selection and distributional ecology, organismal design, marine biology, physiological, behavioural, population and community ecology, evolutionary and molecular ecology, animal migration, evolution

Ecology, Evolution, Marine Biology, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology

Johan van de Koppel

Johan van de Koppel

Honorary Professor of Spatial Ecology of Intertidal Systems
Senior Researcher of Estuarine & Delta Systems, NIOZ Yerseke
Van de Koppel group

Spatial ecology of intertidal systems

Ecology, Marine Biology, Mathematical & Computational Biology

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