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Population & Evolutionary Genetics

Leo Beukeboom

Leo W. Beukeboom

Professor of Evolutionary Genetics
Beukeboom lab

Evolutionary genetics, entomology, ecological and evolutionary genomics, evolution of reproductive modes, genetics of sex determination, life history evolution, insect pest control

Evolution, Population & Evolutionary Genetics

Jean-Christophe Billeter

Jean-Christophe Billeter

Assistant Professor of Neurogenetics of Social and Sexual Behaviour
Billeter lab

Neurogenetics, pheromonal communication, social and sexual behaviours, reproduction, Drosophila

Behaviour, Neurobiology, Population & Evolutionary Genetics

Joana Falcao Salles

Joana Falcao Salles

Associate Professor of Microbial Community Ecology
Falcao Salles lab

Microbial community ecology, gut microbiome, soil microbiome

Ecology, Population & Evolutionary Genetics, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology

Michael Fontaine

Michael C. Fontaine

Assistant professor of Ecological & Evolutionary Genomics
Fontaine lab

Molecular ecology, population genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, phylogeography, speciation, evolutionary biology

Evolution, Population & Evolutionary Genetics, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology, Mathematical & Computational Biology

Martine Maan

Martine E. Maan

Assistant professor of Behavioural Biology
Rosalind Franklin Fellow
Maan lab

Animal behaviour, evolution of animal signals, sexual selection and mate choice, sensory ecology, phenotypic plasticity, speciation and biodiversity

Evolution, Behaviour, Population & Evolutionary Genetics

Per Palsbøll

Per J. Palsbøll

Professor of Marine Evolution & Conservation
Palsbøll lab

Population genetics, conservation genetics, evolutionary genetics, marine mammals

Evolution, Population & Evolutionary Genetics, Marine Biology, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology

Ido Pen

Ido R. Pen

Associate Professor of Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology
Pen group

Genetic conflict, evolution of sex determination, sexual selection, sexual conflict, evolution of mutualism, evolution of division of labour

Evolution, Population & Evolutionary Genetics, Mathematical & Computational Biology

Louis van de Zande

Louis van de Zande

Associate Professor of Evolutionary Biology
Van de Zande lab

Evolutionary biology, Genetics & heredity, biochemistry & molecular biology, developmental biology

Evolution, Population & Evolutionary Genetics

Sander van Doorn

G. Sander van Doorn

Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Systems Biology
Van Doorn group

Theoretical biology, evolutionary systems biology, evolutionary ecology, behavioural ecology, speciation theory, sexual selection theory, mathematical population genetics, adaptive dynamics

Evolution, Population & Evolutionary Genetics, Mathematical & Computational Biology

Bregje Wertheim

Bregje Wertheim

Associate Professor of Ecological & Evolutionary Genomics
Rosalind Franklin Fellow
Wertheim lab

Genomic basis of evolutionary adaptations & ecological interactions, host-parasite interactions, innate immunity in insects

Ecology, Evolution, Population & Evolutionary Genetics

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