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Jean-Christophe Billeter

Jean-Christophe Billeter

Associate Professor of Neurogenetics of Social and Sexual Behaviour
Billeter lab

Neurogenetics, pheromonal communication, social and sexual behaviours, reproduction, Drosophila

Behaviour, Neurobiology, Population & Evolutionary Genetics

Bauke Buwalda

Bauke Buwalda

Associate Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience
Buwalda lab

Behavioural physiological, neurobiological and neuroendocrinological pre-clinical research into short- and long-term consequences of social conflicts

Behaviour, Neurobiology, Plant & Animal Physiology

Sietse de Boer

Sietse F. de Boer

Associate Professor of Behavioural Neurobiology
De Boer lab

Behavioural physiological, pharmacological and neurobiological pre-clinical (animal) research into the causes and consequences of individual differences in coping with social conflict

Behaviour, Neurobiology, Plant & Animal Physiology

Menno Gerkema

Menno P. Gerkema

Affiliate Professor of Chronobiology
Professor of Science Business & Policy

Neurosciences, behavioural sciences, entrepreneurship and small business management

Behaviour, Neurobiology

Ton Groothuis

Ton G.G. Groothuis

Professor of Behavioural Biology
Groothuis lab

Behavioural Biology, behavioural development and steroid hormones, animal personalities, behavioural lateralization

Behaviour, Plant & Animal Physiology

Robbert Havekes

Robbert Havekes

Assistant Professor of Molecular Neurobiology
Havekes lab

Learning and memory, hippocampal function, synaptic plasticity, sleep deprivation, pharmacogenetics, optogenetics, transgenic mouse models, viral approaches, long-term potentiation

Behaviour, Neurobiology

Charlotte Hemelrijk

Charlotte K. Hemelrijk

Professor of Self-organisation of Social Systems
Rosalind Franklin Fellow
Hemelrijk group

Social structure of fish schools, bird flocks and primate societies, predatory attacks, collective escape by swarms, social behavior in primates and corvids, computer models

Behaviour, Mathematical & Computational Biology

Martien Kas

Martien J.H. Kas

Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience
Kas lab

Neurobiology of behaviour, translational neuroscience, behavioural genetics

Behaviour, Neurobiology, Medical Biology

Jan Komdeur

Jan Komdeur

Professor of Evolutionary Ecology
Komdeur group

Dynamics of parental behaviour, early-life environment, social stress and individual behaviour, physiology of life histories and senescence, fitness consequences and heritability of life-history decisions, conserving threatened species

Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour, Plant & Animal Physiology, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology

Martine Maan

Martine E. Maan

Associate professor of Behavioural Biology
Rosalind Franklin Fellow
Maan lab

Animal behaviour, evolution of animal signals, sexual selection and mate choice, sensory ecology, phenotypic plasticity, speciation and biodiversity

Evolution, Behaviour, Population & Evolutionary Genetics

Jocelien Olivier

Jocelien D.A. Olivier

Associate Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience
Olivier lab

Behaviour (affective, social, cognitive), pharmacology, physiology, gene expression, rat models for depression

Behaviour, Neurobiology, Plant & Animal Physiology, Medical Biology

Simon Verhulst

Simon Verhulst

Professor of Evolutionary Biology of Ageing
Verhulst group

Telomeres, life history evolution, ageing

Evolution, Behaviour

Marcel Visser

Marcel E. Visser

Endowed Leonardo da Vinci Chair of Seasonal Timing of Behaviour
Head of Animal Ecology Department, NIOO-KNAW

Ecology, ornithology, seasonal timing of reproduction and growth

Ecology, Behaviour

Franjo Weissing

Franz J. Weissing

Professor of Theoretical Biology
Weissing group

Theoretical biology, behaviour, ecology, evolution; evolutionary game theory; dynamical systems; cultural evolution; evolutionary systems biology

Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour, Mathematical & Computational Biology

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