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Current PhD Projects

Mareike Bach

Mareike G. Bach

Supervisors: Theo Elzenga (GREEN), Jaqueline Stefels (GREEN)

Predicting DMS(P) production in a high-CO2 world - Does algal carbon-utilization provide the answer?

Flavia Berlinghieri

Flavia Berlinghieri

Supervisors: Ton Groothuis (EGDB), Culum Brown (Macquarie University)

Hormone-mediated maternal effects and the link between lateralization and personality

Wender Bil

Wender Bil

Supervisors: Christiaan Both (ConsEco), Raymond Klaassen (ConsEco), Janne Ouwehand (ConsEco)

Ecology of Pied flycatchers on the wintering grounds in relation to migration

Mirjam Borger

Mirjam J. Borger

Supervisors: Jan Komdeur (BPE), Franjo Weissing (TRES), David Richardson (University of East Anglia)

A first realistic quantitative test of sex ratio modification theory in a wild population

Ines Daras

Ines M. Daras

Supervisors: Franjo Weissing (TRES), Sander van Doorn (TRES)

Eco-evolutionary causes and consequences of plasmid-mediated horizontal gene transfer

Nicolas Doubovetzky

Nicolas P. Doubovetzky

Supervisors: Jean-Christoph Billeter (EGDB), Bregje Wertheim (EGDB)

Neurogenetic dissection of a sexual conflict in Drosophila melanogaster

Jakob Gismann

Jakob R.L. Gismann

Supervisors: Franjo Weissing (TRES), Ton Groothuis (EGDB), Marion Nicolaus (ConsEco)

The eco-evo-devo of social personalities

Max Gräfnings

Max L.E. Gräfnings

Supervisors: Tjisse van der Heide (ConsEco), Laura Govers (ConsEco)

Tinkering with seagrass restoration

Yustina Kiwango

Yustina A. Kiwango

Supervisors: Han Olff (ConsEco), Grant Hopcraft (University of Glasgow)

Restoration of the ecological integrity of two new extensions to the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Fangfei Lin

Fangfei Lin

Supervisors: Leo Beukeboom (EGDB), Louis van de Zande (EGDB)

Characterization of female determining factors in the housefly

Lisa Sanchez Aguilar

Lisa Sanchez Aguilar

Supervisors: Chris Smit (ConsEco), Dries Kuijper (Ghent University)

Rewilding and trophic cascades - A scientifically based visual program for long-term and landscape scale ecological processes

Stefano Tiso

Stefano Tiso

Supervisors: Franjo Weissing (TRÊS), Sander van Doorn (TRÊS)

Architectural determinants of evolutionary innovations

Clea van de Ven

Clea N. van de Ven

Supervisors: Tjisse van der Heide (ConsEco), Valérie Reijers (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Small steps, giant leaps - How coastal landscapes are formed by spatially organizing plants

Timo van Eldijk

Timo J.B. van Eldijk

Supervisors: Franjo Weissing (TRÊS), Sander van Doorn (TRÊS)

A mechanistic understanding of the evolution of antibiotic resistance

Tom Versluijs

Tom S.L. Versluijs

Supervisors: Theunis Piersma (ConsEco), Jeroen Reneerkens (ConsEco), Jan van Gils (NIOZ)

Coping with phenological mismatch - How an insectivorous migrant shorebird may mitigate the negative effects of a warming Arctic by prey and patch selection

Yifan Wang

Yifan Wang

Supervisors: Roelof Hut (NeuBio), Leo Beukeboom (EGDB)

Circadian light entrainment in Nasonia

Fuyu Ye

Fuyu Ye

Supervisors: Leo Beukeboom (EGDB), Louis van de Zande (EGDB)

Molecular genetic regulation of endosymbiont-induced female development and sex determination in the parasitoid wasps Leptopilina clavipes and Encarsia hispida


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