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Tolerance or cooperation?

2 MSc projects available in Behavioral & Physiological Ecology (BPE) Group


Required education Master project
Additional subjects
Starting date April, May 2017
Specifics "de Vosbergen", Eelde and Zernike campus (RUG), Groningen

In communally breeding animals, more than two adults share a nest and provide parental care together.

This project will answer the fundamental questions about the evolution of communal breeding: Why does one breeding pair allow competitors to join in reproduction? Moreover, we aim to determine the underlying mechanisms of 'tolerance' based on chemical signals.        

Burying beetles (Silphidae, Nicrophorus) are well-known for their elaborate and extensive parental care for offspring, and communal breeding widely occurs as well.

PROJECT 1: In this project, the consequences of communal breeding will be evaluated, by investigating its effect on survival and reproduction under different ecological circumstances, in wild burying beetles in the Vosbergen near Eelde. This provide opportunities to learn experimental field work in an evolutionary setting.

PROJECT 2: Chemical profiles from different breeding patterns will be analyzed using SPME-GC-MS in the lab, and the underlying ecological and physiological functions of chemical signals will be studied in burying beetles.

Supervisors: Long Ma; Dr. Sjouke A. Kingma; Prof. dr. Jan Komdeur

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