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Field work possibility and volunteers March, April, May and June 2017

Blue tits: costs associated with female aggression


Required education MSc
Additional subjects The student can earn study points with this project. The amount of points depends on the duration of participation.
Starting date End of March, April, May, June 2017
Specifics Vosbergen, Eelde-Paterswolde, Groningen

Project goals

Study of the costs associated with female aggression. Aggression is often mediated by testosterone, and females are expected to face substantial costs from this hormone because it interferes with breeding physiology, can reduce investment in parental care, and can supress immune function of the female as well as of nestlings.

MSc students interested in participating would test for suppressed immunity among adult females that were experimentally forced into an aggressive environment, as well as test whether nestlings produced from aggressive females suffer reduced immune function.

General activities will include conducting territorial intrusions to increase female aggressive behavior; monitoring nests of breeding birds for activity; installing temperature loggers in the nest cup to record incubation activity; capturing and transferring nestlings into a begging chamber where begging vigour will be assessed. Analysing videos of nestling begging behaviour. Field work from late March through early June. Video analysis in June.

Contact information

For more information please contact:  Jan Komdeur or Troy Murphy or Peter Korsten

More information

GELIFES - Behavioural & Physiological Ecology
Komdeur group - Evolutionary ecology
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