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Gut microbiome and the development of birds

Birds hatch virtually sterile and obtain a gut microbiome during their development. Rapidly obtaining a complete and appropriate gut microbe community is likely important, because only then chicks can profit from the benefits of the host-gut microbiome interactions, such as an increased resistance against pathogens and parasites, and an improved energy and nutrient uptake. However, the establishment of the gut microbiome may be influenced by many aspects, such as diet and food intake (transfer of microbes, sources available for the microbes, etc.) and the environment (transfer of microbes from e.g. soil or nest material, food availability, weather, etc.).

Research on captive and wild bird
Research on captive and wild bird

We combine work on captive and wild birds to investigate how the development of the gut microbiome is correlated and affects the development and subsequent survival of the chicks. We focus hereby on the impact of food availability on the development of the gut microbiome, and on the effect of diet and timing (early of late broods) on the development of the gut microbiome.

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