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GBB at a glance


Scientific Director: Prof. B. Poolman

Research Manager: Dr. E.G. Vrieling

Business Manager: Mr. A. Metus

Office Manager: Mrs. T. Hummel

GBB Board

Prof. M. Heinemann (Chairman)

Prof. I.J. van der Klei

Prof. J. Kok

General Research Characteristics

12 Research Groups, each headed by a professor

25 Tenured staff (associate-, adjunct- and full professors)

40 Postdoctoral fellows

120 Ph.D. Students

35 Technicians

13 Supporting staff

Dedicated Research Facilities

Advanced protein structure determination

Membrane proteomics facility

DNA Microarraying facility for Gram+ bacteria

Advanced Microscopy (HR-cryo EM, time lapse, confocal)

High performance computing

Carbohydrate bioprocessing and characterization

Associated Members

Prof. R.A.L. Bovenberg (DSM)

Prof. A.J. Minnaard (Bio-Organic Chemistry – Stratingh Institute)

Prof. A.M. van Oijen (Single Molecule Biophysics – Zernike Institute)

Prof. E. Takano (Faculty of Life Sciences – University of Manchester, UK)

Prof. R. Croce (Biophyscis of Photosynthesis/Energy – Free University of Amsterdam)

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