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Research GBB Organisation

Vision, mission and objectives

Vision: It is our vision to conduct transformative research on biomolecules and cellular systems to allow engineering of cells for discovery and application, including the creation of synthetic cells. Our research impacts upon mankind by providing solutions to urgent societal challenges in biotechnology and health.


  • To generate the knowledge basis on biomolecules and cellular systems through excellent curiosity-driven research
  • To understand life from the detailed molecular level up to the cell in its habitat
  • To use this knowledge to generate innovations in biotechnology and the biomedical area;
  • To equip our students with the knowledge and skills to pursue a successful career in academia, industry or society at large
  • To challenge each other to excel in a collegial atmosphere and in a vibrant environment in which everybody can learn, grow and exploit his/her potential.

The objectives and challenges to accomplish this mission are:

  • To attract (and keep) highly competent and devoted staff members and (PhD) students;
  • To maintain a modern infrastructure for research and training;
  • To attract major funding from external bodies.
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