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Research GBB Study at GBB MSc program

Research master Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

The master program Molecular Biology and Biotechnology is an internationally oriented multidisciplinary program that focuses on research questions concerning the fundamental processes in living cells in order to understand ‘life’ and to use that knowledge for applications in Life Sciences, Bio(nano)technology, Biomedical Sciences, Food Sciences and Biotechnology. The educational program strongly links to the research topics of the research institute GBB and covers the area from systems biology to chemical / synthetic biology. Examples are research projects that involve: i) biocatalysis and engineering of microorganisms and enzymes for the production of fine chemicals that form the building block of new antibiotics, for the production of high value carbohydrates, and for sustainable chemistry (green chemistry, synthetic biology), ii) the multidisciplinary approach for studying structure-function relationships of proteins and their interaction with other proteins and/or biomolecules, and iii) molecular genetical and cell biological analysis of relevant cellular processes and pathways such as stress response, chemotaxis, programmed cell death, organelle biogenesis and assembly of protein complexes. Modern and sophisticated research infrastructure and in some cases larger research facilities are used in all areas.

If biomolecular sciences is attractive for you, then apply for the research master program Molecular Biology and Biotechnology!

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