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NEUROTECH Education Programme: "Can neuromorphic go beyond CMOS?"

When:Tu 01-12-2020 16:00 - 17:15
Where:Online (Free Registration)

Question of the day: "Can neuromorphic go beyond CMOS?"

Schedule Day 1:

Prof. Jennifer Hasler (Georgia Institute of Technology, US)

Dr. Johannes Schemmel (Universität Heidelberg, DE)

Dr. Bert Jan Offrein (IBM Research, CH)

Dr. Elisa Vianello (CEA Leti, FR)

Chair: Dr. Melika Payvand (University of Zurich and ETH, CH)

Registration and more information

About NEUROTECH Education Programme
Within the NEUROTECH framework there is an educational initiative on neuromorphic engineering. As the "Neuromorphic engineering" field is receiving increasing importance worldwide, the interest in learning about the field is rising rapidly. However, there is little information and educational material available online. Our aim is to fill this gap with a series of virtual colloquia, each revolving around a specific aspect of the neuromorphic engineering field. In each colloquium, a small number of experts on neuromorphic engineering will answer a specific “question of the day” with a short pitch, followed by a live discussion on the topic, with a moderator and questions from the audience.

The goal is to collect educational material by recording the pitch, which could be used by students and researchers as a reference to start learning about the field. We plan to record the pitch and make the videos available to the community through a dedicated SwitchTube channel. The colloquia should offer an increasingly deep understanding of neuromorphic engineering. At the same time, we would like to stimulate a lively discussion where different points of view and perspectives are challenged and compared. This will only happen live and the audience will be restricted only to the live participants – we will NOT record the panel discussion.

The colloquia are planned for the first Tuesday of each month for one year at around 4 PM (CET) and it will last 1h and a half. Each pitch will provide a concise answer from the speaker that can last from 5 to about 20 minutes.

Our mission is to catalyse research and collaboration in NCT. Today's neuromorphic community in Europe is leading the state of the art in this domain. The community counts an increasing number of labs that work on theory, modelling, and implementation of neuromorphic computing systems. The NEUROTECH Project will create a Cartography of NCT in Europe, explore Roadmaps for its development, collect educational and information resources on NCT, and inform about upcoming and previous events.