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CogniGron Seminar: Marcelo Rozenberg (Laboratorie de Physique des Solides (Orsay) CNRS - Universite Paris-Sud) - "Neuromorphic electronic behavior in transition metal oxide systems; From resistive switching to artificial synapses and neurons"

When:We 04-12-2019 11:00 - 12:00
Where:5159.0291 (Energy Academy - Nijenborgh 6)
The information age we live in is supported on a physical under-layer of electronic hardware, which originates in condensed matter physics research. The mighty progress made in silicon based technology seemed endless. However, with the smallest feature size of transistors reaching down to mere 5 nm, this technology is reaching an unavoidable physical limit. This calls for exploration of new alternatives. Neuromorphic inspired systems are making fast progress. But this is based either on dedicated hardware made with conventional electronics, or in software, such Deep Neural Networks, running in conventional computers. Resistive switching phenomena opens the way to explore a  technological disruptive solution, namely, implement simple devices with the required functionalities to directly build neuromorphic systems. In this talk we shall describe recent efforts towards making artificial neurons and synapses using transition metal oxides, including Mott strongly
correlated systems.

[Review] Challenges in materials and devices for resistive-switching-based neuromorphic computing; Javier del Valle, Juan Gabriel Ramírez, Marcelo J. Rozenberg, and Ivan K. Schuller; Journal of Applied Physics 124, 211101 (2018)

Subthreshold firing in Mott nanodevices 
J. Del Valle, Pavel Salev, Federico Tesler, Nicolás M. Vargas, Yoav Kalcheim, Paul Wang, Juan Trastoy, Juan Gabriel Ramírez, George Kassabian, Marcelo J. Rozenberg and Ivan K. Schuller; Nature [01 May 2019, 569(7756):388-392]

Relaxation of a Spiking Mott Artificial Neuron
F. Tesler, C. Adda, J. Tranchant, B. Corraze, E. Janod, L. Cario, P. Stoliar and Marcelo J. Rozenberg; Physical Review Applied 10 (5), 054001 (2018). Featured in Physics (APS webportal)