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CogniGron Kick-Off Meeting

When:Fr 26-10-2018
Where:Energy Academy Europe - Nijenborg 6, Zernike Campus Groningen

On October 26th, 2018 the official CogniGron kick-off meeting will take place at the Zernike Campus, in Groningen. The programme includes leading experts from the Netherlands and abroad.

The University of Groningen has created the Groningen Cognitive Systems and Materials Center (CogniGron) in order to join efforts from different disciplines with the goal of developing novel architectures for cognitive computing working at all level: materials, devices, systems, architectures and algorithms. A holistic approach that coordinates efforts in materials science, physics, mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence is needed to achieve a breakthrough in the field: to develop learning at the materials level. Within CogniGron research groups from the Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, as well as the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials will work together towards this goal. CogniGron is honoured to be supported by an extraordinary Advisory Board of world-recognized leaders working in this new exciting research direction.