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Artificial neural networks made from memristors for brain-inspired computing

19 December 2022

While reading these lines, your brain is efficiently performing image recognition to identify letters and words, matching it with your learned vocabulary to understand the content. Modern computer chips operate in a similar manner, providing a platform for running what are called artificial neural networks.

These are virtual networks made of artificial neurons and synapses, which are trained to process information for specific tasks such as facial recognition to unlock smartphone displays or tumor detection from brain scans. However, compared to the brain, artificial neural networks run on conventional computers are extremely slow and consume large amounts of energy.

To read more go to Advanced Science News.

Reference: Jan L. Rieck, Beatriz Noheda, et al., Ferroelastic domain walls in BiFeO3 as memristive networks , Advanced Intelligent Systems (2022), DOI: 10.1002/aisy.202200292

Last modified:20 December 2022 09.58 a.m.

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