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CogniGron & Education

CogniGron aims at making the necessary breakthroughs in the field of novel architectures for cognitive computing: there is a need for a new type of computing that can classify, prioritize, combine, and analyse large amounts of data, as well as generate new suggestions, using only a small portion of the energy required by the current technology.

CogniGron aims to make these necessary advances in the field by focusing on a holistic approach of efforts in materials science, physics, mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, and combinations thereof.

As a very new field of research, its future will strongly depend on the quality of training we can offer the new generation of students. To this end, CogniGron will develop a curriculum to train a new generation of researchers and equip them with the necessary knowledge to thrive in multidisciplinary teams of the mentioned disciplines.

The current curricula of Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence already provide relevant courses. Below, a summary of the courses can be found. Note, that some courses assume prior knowledge or basic understanding (explicitly mentioned in their Ocasys pages), which require additional prior preparation by interested students from a different discipline than that for which the course was originally designed for.

Please see the document CogniGron & Education for the relevent courses

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