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University Medical Center Groningen

Chronic airway diseases epidemiology


Study the aetiology and progression of chronic airway diseases, with an emphasis on genetic susceptibility and gene - environment interactions.


  • Vlagtwedde_Vlaardingen cohort study
  • Doetinchem cohort study
  • EC  Respiratory Health Survey I+II
  • PIAMA cohort study
  • Asthma patients cohorts
  • LifeLines

Senior staff
Name Title and collaboration E-mail address Topic
Marike Boezen

Full Professor

Unit chair Chronic pulmonary diseases; genetic epidemiology, epigenetics, exposures
Judith Vonk Assistant professor Longitudinal data analysis: Etiology and course of asthma and COPD; Lifelines
Ronald Stolk Professor, honorary appointment Center for Information Technology, University Groningen
Jan Schouten

Assistant professor, honorary appointment

Medical ethical committee UMCG
Noha Hooiveld - El-Baz Coordinator Education Scientific training, education coordinator
Diana van der Plaat Postdoc Genetics and epigenetics of COPD
Thomas Wieringa Postdoc E-learning Epidemiology
Maaike de Vries Postdoc (Epi)genetics of COPD and ageing
PhD students Collaboration
Alireza Abdollahi Digestive system diseases unit The disease course in autoimmune hepatitis
Thomas Pereira Bernardes Patient-centered HTA unit; Obstetrics UMCG, AMC Risk of hypertensive pregnancy complications
Qing Chen Pathology, UMCG Functional studies on novel COPD susceptibility genes for environmental exposures.
Omar Faruque Health Sciences Occupational exposures and general health outcomes
Tesfa Habtewold Digestive system diseases unit, Psychiatry, UMCG Latent class analyses to distinghuish subgroups in heterogeneous outcomes
Bruce Kirenga General Practice and Elderly Care Medicine, UMCG Asthma in Uganda
Kebede Misgina Patient-centered HTA unit: Pediatrics UMCG, Danone Transgenerational malnutrition in early life in Northern Ethiopia
Maartje Nieuwenhuis Pulmonology Genetics of different asthma phenotypes
Elnaz Naderi Digestive system diseases unit Genome and genemics of radio-sensitivity in indivudualized prediction of radiotoxicity
Thomas Pereira Bernardes Patient-centered HTA unit; Obstetrics UMCG, AMC
Diana van der Plaat Pulmonology, Genetics (Epi)genetics and exposures of COPD
Mirjam Roffel Pathology MicroRNAs in obstructive airway diseases
Nynke Spinder Life style medicine unit, EUROCAT, Genetics, UMCG Occupational exposures and congenital anomalies in the offspring
Rikstje Wiersma Human Movement Sciences Physical activity in childhood overweight across cultures
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