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Research ENTEG

defense P.D. Druetta: "Numerical Simulation of Chemical EOR Processes"

When:Fr 19-10-2018 11:00 - 12:00
Where:Aula Academy Building

Promotors: Prof F. Picchioni and Prof C. De Persis. Co-promotor: Dr P. Tesi

The purpose of this Ph.D. research is the development of numerical simulators aimed at understanding and predicting the physical mechanisms behind in Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) processes. It is focused on analyzing and proposing new numerical correlations relating the structure of the chemicals being used and the modification of the chemical and physical properties of the fluids and rock formations. Moreover, it includes an analysis of a cutting-edge research topic, the nanotechnology, and how this can be used to boost existing EOR techniques, applying specifically this new knowledge to chemical EOR. This research involved the development of new numerical methods and the analysis of the mathematical behavior of the systems being studied in order to maximize the numerical efficiency of the models as well as to determine the desired properties of the future chemicals to be used in EOR