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Research ENTEG

defence M. Jeeninga: "DC power flow feasibility for constant-power loads"

When:Fr 30-04-2021 16:15 - 17:15
Where:Academy Building (online)

Promotors: Prof.dr. C. De Persis and Prof.dr.i A.J. Van der Schaft

Abstract: This thesis looks into direct current (DC) power grids, both on a small scale and large scale. These networks usually consist of loads and sources. When a load tries to demand too much power from the grid for a long time, it may happen that the voltage over the load promptly decreases, which can result in a blackout. The cause of this event is that the sources in the power grid cannot transport enough power to the loads.
This thesis unravels the exact conditions under which the demands of these loads can be satisfied. The theoretical limits of these DC power grids are described, along with cases for which there is a "simple" guarantee that the transport problem can be solved.
This thesis also thinks about guarantees for this solvability in the situation where DC microgrids are interconnected, and about the influence of uncertainties in power lines on this transportation problem.