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Scherpen Group


prof. dr. ir. J.M.A. (Jacquelien) Scherpen


Topics of interest: mathematical models for design and control of complex industrial processes and systems.

Approach: quantitative and analytical theories and methodologies


Jacquelien Scherpen, Professor

Ming Cao, Assistant Professor

Bayu Jayawardhana, Assistant Professor

M. Mazo Espinosa

S. Rao

Pim van den Dool, technician

Karen Meyer, secretary

G.K.H. Larsen, PhD candidate

H. Liu, PhD candidate

M. Muñoz Arias, PhD candidate

R. Huisman, PhD candidate

R. Ouyang, PhD candidate

Ewoud Vos, PhD candidate

Marko Seslija, PhD candidate

D. del Puerto Flores, PhD candidate

C. Wang, PhD candidate

W. Xia, PhD candidate

S. Zhang, PhD candidate

More information about the group can be found on the group page Discrete Technology & Production Automation.


Contactless micromanipulation by magnetic levitation

Cooperative control of robotic multi-agent systems

Distributed control of micro CHP systems

Energy-efficient design and control of mobile robotic sensor networks

Modeling and control of a wobble yoke Sterling engine for micro CHP applications

Modeling and Control of inflatable space structures

Nonlinear control of nonlinear electrical circuits

Passivity-Based Control of port-Hamiltonian mechanical systems

Reactive power control

Structure preserving model reduction for port-Hamiltonian systems

Power Grid Complexity, co-authored by Ming Cao, introduces the complex system theory known as self-organized criticality (SOC) theory and complex network theory, and their applications to power systems. This project has led to a book, Power Grid Complexity, appearing August 2011.

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