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Energy Startup Support

Energy is in everything and is what drives us day by day. We support you in your ideas and help you Startup, because UG believes that you are the next big idea that will shape the future. Energy is within you. Go for it!

Energy Startup: Energy Venture Lab

We provide you with access to training courses, dedicated and renowned coaches and the know-how of the greater network of VentureLab North. Also, you will have lab space and unique testing facilities, but let's not forget the media exposure that will transform your Startup into a Success Story.

Energy Startup: Ocean Grazer

Ocean Grazer is a startup from the University of Groningen (UG) that harvests ocean energy and controls the output, delivering the energy exactly when it is need it making a flexibile solution to enable a balanced supply and demand.

Energy Startup: Sustainable Buldings

Sustainable Buildings is the startup from the University of Groningen (UG) that gives buildings an innovative energy management system turning them in more sustainable buildings.

Energy Startup: BioBTX

BioBTX developed a sustainable technology that can transform renewable resources, such as biomass and residual products, into chemical resources, mainly benzene, toluene, and xylene (BTX). So, it is possible to produce these so-called aromatics in a sustainable manner and, thus, largely reduce CO2 emissions.

Energy Startup: Solenne

Solenne is a startup from the University of Groningen (UG) that produces the main chemical components used in today's solar panels manufacturing industry.

Energy startup: Water & Energy Solutions
Set up in the fall of 2010 by Dennis de Reus and Aaldrik Haijer as an independent engineering firm, Water & Energy Solutions provides technical expertise to the process industry.
Business development on Campus Groningen

Campus Groningen - a dynamic hotspot of collaborations and co-productions.


Funding opportunities. How to get funding for your idea?

Technology transfer

True value of science can be measured as benefit to society.

Testing facilities

It’s time to cut from-blueprint-to-market-time in half. Parties are welcome to work together at EnTranCe

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