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Scroll of Daedongyeojido Exhibited at Korea Corner


Daedongyeojido: a map of Korea in 1861

A copy of the well known scroll Daedongyeajido of 1861 is exhibited at Korea Corner (starting July 2015). The scroll was donated by the Pusan National University to CEASG at the opening of the Korea Croner in 2014 and is exhibited on the occasion of the start of the Pusan National University Summer School 2015 in Groningen and related visits from PNU and the Korea Foundation. The latter also supports the further development of the Korea Corner. The Summer School is coordinated by Korean studies coordinator Sunkung Choi.

Daedongyeojido (literally "The Great Map of the East Land") is a large scale map of Korea produced by Chosun Dynasty cartographer and geologist Kim Jeong-ho in 1861. A second edition was printed in 1864. One source describes it as the "oldest map in Korea". Daedongyeojido is considered very advanced for its time, and marks the zenith of pre-modern Korean cartography.

The map consists of 22 separate, foldable booklets, each covering approximately 47 kilometres (north-south) by 31.5 kilometres (east-west). Combined, they form a map of Korea that is 6.7 metres wide and 3.8 metres long. The scale of the map is 1:162,000.
The map was printed from 70 basswood woodblocks, engraved on both sides. The techniques to create the map have been described as a hybrid of Korean and Western methods.

The map is praised for its precise delineations of mountain ridges, waterways, and transportation routes. It also has markings for settlements, including villages, as well as notable administrative and cultural areas and sites, such as past and present government offices and military sites, public warehouses, government horse ranches, beacon fire mounds and royal tombs.

Korea Corner

As of 18 December 2014, the University of Groningen Library has a special Korea Corner, a place where anyone interested in Korea can consult literature and digital information about the country. It is part of the Korean Studies programme currently being developed at the University.

The Corner was officially opened by Sibrand Poppema, President of the Board of the University, in the presence of Minister Counsellor Jong-Ho Choi of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. The Korea Corner is partly funded by the embassy and is intended to promote Asia among students.

At the opening of the Korea Corner, an exchange agreement between the University of Groningen and Pusan National University was signed. It enables students from Groningen to do placements at Korean companies, and organizations and students from Korea to spend time in Groningen.

At the opening, CEASG's Tjalling Halbertsma received from Pusan National University a scroll of Daedongyeojido, an early historical map of the Korean peninsula.

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