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ResearchCentre for East Asian Studies Groningen

Summer School sessions 2015 at the Pusan National University

23 March 2015

Next summer (Aug-July,2015) the Pusan National University offers two Summer School sessions for students from abroad. The Summer School provides foreign students with an enriched cultural and educational experience for two to four weeks. The program consists of academic courses covering diverse subjects and various activities including field trips. It is divided into two non-overlapping sessions, Session A and Session B, which share common features. Students can choose one or both sessions according to their schedule, preferences and purposes.

Session A ( June 22 - July 17, 2015)

Session A consists of four-week intensive courses on academic subjects and also includes cultural activities. Lectures are three hours daily from Monday through Thursday, and Friday is an activity day. Six courses are offered, each carrying three (3) credits, and participants can choose up to two of them. Official transcripts are issued to students who complete the courses.

  • International Relations in East Asia
  • Multiculturalism in Korea
  • Korea and East Asia: Past and Present

    by Prof. Kevin Cawley, University College Cork, Ireland.

This course will introduce students to the different religious and philosophical traditions of Korea and East Asia by situating them in their socio-historical contexts, including Ancient Myths, Confucianism, Neo-Confucianism, Shamanism, Buddhism, the growth of Christianity, and new religions. On successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

* Describe the major schools of thought in East Asia's intellectual history
* Assess the influence of traditions on Korean thought
* Apply ideas and approaches studied to issues of contemporary life
* Examine the influence of religious plurality on contemporary Korean society

Session B – (August 3 - August 17, 2015)

Session B is a two-week course focusing on experiencing various aspects of Korean culture--both traditional and contemporary--and carries three (3) credits. During this shorter summer session, two major topics of Korean history and culture are examined by experts in their fields through lectures, discussions, and field trips. Official transcripts are issued to students who complete the program.

  • Introduction to Korean Art History of Joseon Dynasty
  • Cultural and Historical Heritage of Korea

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