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Research Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen

11 June Opening Photo Exhibition Reading North Korea

18 May 2018

The Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen (CEASG) & MA East Asian Studies (IR) present:

Reading North Korea

Photo Exhibition
Study Rooms Harmonie Building
Photography by Lamert van der Aalsvoort

​Photo exhibition Reading North Korea Reading North Korea portrays a selection of introspective images from North Korea. The exhibit focuses on reading, study and learning in North Korea. The images were taken by Lambert van der Aalsvoort in Pyongyang, Namp'o and Wŏnsan (DPRK). Some of these images appear in Van der Aalsvoort’s latest publication: Onder een Glazen Hemel: Noord Korea (2018). Lambert van der Aalsvoort is a Dutch photographer and independent researcher who makes frequent work visits to East Asia. His earlier publications include Hua Shan (Asoka, 2005) and Among the Celestials (2016).

North Korea at CEASG and the MA East Asian Studies (IR)

Taught by international staff affiliated with the Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen (CEASG) the International Relations Master's track East Asian Studies (60 ECTS) focuses on the political economy and international relations of China, Japan and South Korea. Further attention is given to North Korea and Mongolia. Work placement and study abroad are recommended.

CEASG coordinates, among many other activities, four research centres in China, Japan and Korea. The Centre has also launched a Korea Corner, hosts visiting scholars from Korea, and frequently organizes seminars and lectures on the Korean peninsula.

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