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23 november 2016
China, East Asia and the European Union: Strong Economics, Weak Politics?

edited by J. van der Harst and T. Halbertsma, Brill: Leiden (forthcoming 2016)

In China, East Asia and the European Union, specialist authors from both Europe and Asia reflect on the dynamic relationship between the three actors from an International Relations disciplinary perspective. They investigate why the economic links between the two continents have become so firmly established, while in comparison the political bond has remained underdeveloped.

This volume concludes that the dichotomy politics-economics is less clear-cut than initially assumed; the many issues dealt with between the EU and East Asia are multifaceted and difficult to categorize under one of the two headings.

This book is also a testimony to China’s seemingly unstoppable rise, both in the East Asian region and in the relationship with the EU and its member states.

Contributors are: Ding Chun, Neil Duggan, Enrico Fardella, Frank Gaenssmantel, Tjalling Halbertsma, Daniel R Hammond, Jan van der Harst, Elisa Hörhager, Jing Jing, Werner Pascha, Sanne Kamerling, David Kerr, Silja Keva, Christopher K. Lamont, Li Junyang, Feng Liu, Maaike Okano-Heijmans, Nadya Stoynova, Herman Voogsgeerd        

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