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Dr. Ron Holzhacker in Southeast Asia for recruiting PhD students on Governance and Sustainable Society 2&3

29 oktober 2014

Dr. Ron Holzhacker in Southeast Asia for recruiting PhD students on Governance and Sustainable Society 3

'It has been a wonderful week here spent on the campus of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  I stayed right on campus at the University Guest House.  In the evening, the campus comes alive with different student groups coming together, including different sports groups and the marching band from the Faculty of Music (right across from the hotel, so like a free concert!).  Each morning I check out a bike and ride it across campus to the international relations building, not so different than my life in Groningen.  They have kindly given me an office during my stay here in the department so I feel quite at home. The faculty gathers together for lunch upstairs at noon, or down on the main floor by the garden and central courtyard for coffee or freshly squeezed juices.  My presentation to prospective PhD candidates, mainly focused on existing faculty members from the international relations and the government departments, to join our GSG PhD hub on governance and sustainable was very well received.  I also gave a lecture on EU-ASEAN relations to BA students in international relations.  I very much enjoyed their enthusiasm and their questions.  

I have attached some pictures from my stay here.  When I first arrived last weekend, my kind and energetic host from the international relations department, Muhadi Sugiono,  took me to the nearby Borobudur temple at sundown.  This was a very dramatic time to view this temple in the countryside surrounded by mountains.  The other picture was from an early morning game of badminton at the campus sports center, extremely competitive, with game points that went beyond 21 points, that ended in a very diplomatic and hard to achieve tie 1-1 in games.   I brought the rather battered shuttle with me to the lecture, and mentioned that I was involved in a process of 'shuttle'  diplomacy in the early, cool hours of the morning prior to the lecture!   Tonight we gather for dinner with our many RUG alumni from across the city.'

Dr. Ron Holzhacker in Southeast Asia for recruiting PhD students on Governance and Sustainable Society 2

During the Southeast Asia Human Rights Network (SEAHRN) conference in Kuala Lumpur, I had very interesting conversations from scholars across the region, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  I had the opportunity to speak to a number of scholars present from the Vietnam National University Hanoi that spoke about their masters program in human rights.This seems like an important development for Vietnam. I told these scholars that I would fly into Ho Chi MInh City the next day, and then travel down to the Mekong Delta to visit Can Tho University.
I was very moved flying into Vietnam for the first time.  My family was very involved in the anti-war movement in the United States, so as a child I read a lot and viewed films about the country.  Now I was arriving here decades later.
I was very warmly welcomed to the university by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Le Thi Nguyet Chau.  She herself has her PhD from the University of Groningen, so she knows the kind of education that Groningen can deliver.  I made a number of presentations to students from various departments and faculties, on EU-ASEAN relations, as well as on the links between governance and sustainable society, which were very well received by the students.  Following this, I was also invited to meet with the Dean of the economics faculty, Prof. Vo Thanh Danh, and he was accompanied by a recent RUG PhD from our economics faculty.  He underscored the 3 decades of relationship between our two universities, and how pleased he was that we would now be again strengthening the relationship.  These sentiments were echoed by meetings with the Vice Rector and the international relations department.

In my visit to Vietnam, one of the objectives was to meet with existing faculty members interested in joining our new Globalisation Studies Groningen PhD research hub on governance and sustainable society.  In all, it looks like 8-10 potential candidates will be applying for consideration of admission to various faculties at RUG. I cam away from Can Tho very impressesd with the warmth and openness of the scholars I met, and look forward to getting to know them even better in the coming years.

Dr. Ron Holzhacker in Southeast Asia for recruiting PhD students on Governance and Sustainable Society 1

Dr. Ron Holzhacker
Dr. Ron Holzhacker
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