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Definitive list of first programmes at Yantai

12 februari 2016

After consulting with the Deans of the University of Groningen, the Board of the University has approved a definitive list of the first degree programmes to be offered in Yantai. This list will be added to the application to establish the University of Groningen Yantai (UGY), which has been sent to our partner, China Agricultural University (CAU).

During the next few weeks, the CAU will send the application to the province of Shandong, and the province will pass it on to the Chinese Ministry of Education for approval. The first 7 degree programmes will start with a preparatory year in September 2017. The academic degree programmes will commence in 2018.

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, partly in cooperation with Medical Sciences:

  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Industrial Engineering & Management
  • BSc Life Sciences & Technology
  • BSc Mathematics
  • MSc Chemical Engineering
  • Msc Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Spatial Sciences:

  • MSc Environmental and Infrastructure Planning

The concerned faculties will be involved in the preparations for the start in Yantai.

Programmes in Economics and Business to start later

This decision means that the start of degree programmes taught by the Faculty of Economics and Business in Yantai has been postponed. The Board of the University and the Faculty Board still consider the situation too uncertain to allow these programmes to start in 2017. Research has revealed that interest in economics and business degrees is currently on the decline in China. In addition, the Board of the University and the Faculty Board first want to generate more support within the Faculty of Economics and Business itself. The Board of the University, in consultation with the Deans, has therefore decided to bring forward the start date of a few of the degree programmes , namely the BSc Mathematics, the MSc Environmental and Infrastructure Planning and the Msc Biomedical Engineering. These programmes are very popular in China and together with the other degrees mentioned above, form an attractive package of programmes.

Application amended

The application to the Ministry of Education in China has been amended in line with the new situation. The Board of the University will discuss the changes with the University Council. The Faculty Councils for the Faculties of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Spatial Sciences, Economics and Business and Medical Sciences will be informed by their Faculty Boards.

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