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Research Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen

Symposium 'Mobility, discrimination and cultural conflicts across time and space', November 2018

On 9 November 2018 a symposium celebrating 10 years of Euroculture took place at Osaka university. The Master Euroculture. Society Culture and Politics in a global context is a Erasmus Mundus Master of excellence ( 120 ECTS). The Euroculture consortium consists of 8 European and 4 non-European partner universities and is coordinated by the University of Groningen. Since 2008 European students can apply to study at one of the non-European partner institutions in their 3rd semester, and from that year onwards the Master has sent 5 students to Osaka annually. To commemorate this 10 years of intensive collaboration,   Osaka and Groningen thought it would be a good idea to organise an academic symposium.

Two presenters (Janny de Jong and Jamese Leigh) came from the University of Groningen, one of them, James Leigh, had also been a member of the first group of students who participated in the programme in 2008. Other presenters came from Udine and Strasbourg. Marek Neuman, teaching the intensive course “Gateway to Europe” at Osaka University, and Herman Voogsgeerd, both from the department of International Relations and teaching in Euroculture, attended.

The symposium “ Mobility, discrimination and cultural conflicts across time and space “ discussed topics such as European border cities, offensive rhetoric in European politics and society, minority rights in France, hate speech and zainichi Koreans in Japan, culture conflicts in a university classroom (Japan), contesting narratives in the (national) museum of Kosovo, and discursive practices at a Japanese American museum. The symposium was well attended by Japanese and European students and staff. The plan is now to publish the contributions at Osaka University press ( December 2019), edited by Prof Shoya Unoda and Dr Matt Burdelski from Osaka University.

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