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"Mongolia and the DPRK at Sixty-five": new NKR publication by Tjalling Halbertsma

24 oktober 2014

New publication on Mongolia-DPRK relations:

Halbertsma, T. (2014), "Mongolia and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at Sixty-five: Ulaanbaatar’s changing relations with Pyongyang", North Korean Review , Fall , 23-38.

Abstract: Since 2006, Mongolia has sought a public DPRK policy culminating in a high profile visit by the Mongolian president to Pyongyang in 2013 on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. This article provides a timely overview of the Mongolia–DPRK relations until 2013.

Mongolia’s unique relationship with and access to the DPRK’s leadership has primarily proven to be a most valuable asset in boosting Mongolia’s profile in the region and the world at large. Whether Mongolia can “spearhead a regional security mechanism,” as suggested by both Mongolian politicians and international analysts remains to be seen.

The article contributes to the much under-researched field of Mongolia-DPRK relations and draws on literature, media reports, official Mongolian press releases and statements, and a number of informal interviews and discussions with Mongolian policymakers and politicians.

MNG-DPRK relations
MNG-DPRK relations
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