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OnderzoekCentre for East Asian Studies Groningen

University Peace Days 2: Rising Asia - Japan

Wanneer:do 18-09-2014 om 19:30
Waar:Marie Loke Zaal (Harmony Building)

The University Peace Days are a yearly event, organized by the University of Groningen and several student- and study organisations (Clio, SIB, Vintres, Ubbo Emmius), about the theme peace and war. This year’s subject concerns the struggles and relations within East-Asia and more specifically China and Japan. The first evening will concern China, the second evening will concern Japan.

On the second night (Thursday 18 September), dr. Christopher Lamont (Assistant Professor of International Relations at the University of Groningen) and mr. dr. Herman Voogsgeerd (senior lecturer at the department of Business and Labour Law and the department of International Political Economy of the University of Groningen) will discuss the internal as well as the external struggles and relations of Japan. Prof. Tjalling Halbertsma (Director International of the Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen and professor by special appointment of East Asian Studies) will fulfil the role of moderator during this evening.