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OnderzoekCentre for East Asian Studies Groningen

Workshop: 'Diplomatic vs. legal settlement of trade disputes in EU-Asia relations' 3 & 4 September

Wanneer:do 03-09-2015
Waar:van Swinderenhuys, Oude Boteringestraat 19

The EU makes frequent use of legal procedures (like the Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the World Trade Organization or domestic trade defence mechanisms that are deemed consistent with WTO law) to solve commercial disagreements with its partners. At the same time, however, diplomatic consultations and political compromise remain a key tool in the EU’s commercial relations. This workshop will explore under what conditions the EU chooses which approach to address disagreements with trading partnerswith a focus on factors like the importance of the issue for the EU’s economy, individual interests of actors or groups of actors within the EU (especially member states and lobbies), the nature of the legal mechanisms available, the larger political context of the issue, as well as the relations with and the position and interests of the trading partner in question. The focus is on the EU’s commercial ties with countries in Asia, a region of crucial economic and political significance for the EU in that it accounts for more than 40% of the EU’s total external trade, contains growing economies, especially two of the four BRIC countries, and has major sea lines of communication passing through it, while at the same time being subject to considerable geopolitical tensions (South China Sea, Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands, US “pivot” to Asia).

Papers will be given by scholars from Taiwan and the University of Groningen.

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when: 3 & 4 September 2015
where: van Swinderenhuys, Oude Boteringestraat 19


'Diplomatic vs. legal approaches to solving commercial disputes -
a framework'
prof. Jan van der Harst, Dr. Chien-huei Wu, Dr. Frank Gaenssmantel
'Eu-China solar panel dispute: attempting protection under WTO rules, avoiding it outside?' Dr. Frank Gaenssmantel
'The EU's raw materials and rare earths cases against China at the WTO dispute settlement mechanism' Dr. Chien-huei Wu
'Non market economy status and double remedies in China-EU trade' Dr. Ching-wen Hsueh
'Trade and Energy: Reflection on EU - Feed-in-Tariffs Issues Dr. Yao-ming Hsu
'EU-Japan trade relations: some understanding concerning the link between trade and non-trade issues?' Dr. Herman Voogsgeerd

'More than words? How India and the EU handle their differences on the role of labour standards in trade negotiations'

Dr. Gerda van Roozendaal
'Losing the Battle but Winning the War? ITA Negotiation after the EU-IT Products Case' Prof. Dr Shin-yi Peng and Dr Han-wei Liu

First workshop session
when: Thursday 3 September 2015
start: 14:00
end: 17:15
Second workshop session
when: Friday 4 September 2015
start: 9:30
end: 12:30
Third workshop session

when: Friday 4 September 2015
start: 14:00
end: 17:15

Poster workshop
Poster workshop