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Application Deadline PNU Summer School Session B: 24 July - 10 August

When:We 14-06-2017
Where:Pusan National University, Korea

The PNU Summer School provides international students with an enriched cultural and educational experience through participation in five-week program (Session A) or three-week program (Session B). Each session consists of academic courses covering diverse subjects taught in English, as well as a variety of extracurricular activities including field trips.

Session B July 24 (Mon.) – August 10 (Thu.)

Session B is a three-week program focused on understanding and experiencing various aspects of Korean culture--both traditional and modern. This course is called ‘Korean Studies’ and is composed of two classes; Understanding Contemporary Korean Culture and Korean language class. This session is not part of regular summer semester of Pusan National University, but is opened by PNU International just for this summer program. Therefore, students will be taking the same classes, participate in same cultural activities, and go on field trips to broaden perspective of Korean culture with other attendees and develop close relationship with them. This program carries three (3) credits and two classes are included in schedule. Official transcripts are issued to students who complete the course. Course is graded from A+ to F. Students wishing to transfer credits need to obtain pre-approval from their home universities.

Understanding Contemporary Korean Culture

By Eundeog Hwang (Pusan National University)

This course will explore the broad spectrum of Korean culture. Lectures cover a wide range of Korean cultural topics including history, politics and the economy, religion, literature, leisure and everyday life, and the ‘Korean Wave.’ Students will gain a deep understanding and perspectives of contemporary Korean cultural phenomena.

Korean Language Class (Basic, Intermediate)

By PNU International Language Institute (TBA)

Students will take basic or intermediate Korean class after level testing during orientation. They will learn Korean through the use of various mediums, such as textbooks, K-pop songs, K-dramas, and literature. Not only will students learn basic Korean expressions they can readily use during their time in Korea, they also will study about the culture that is inherent in the language and alphabet.

Those interested in attending one of the Pusan National University Summerschools in 2017 in Busan, Korea, please contact CEASG for scholarship information (t.h.f.halbertsma

Application deadline session B:

July 14, 2017 (Session A: May 26, 2017)

More information

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Session A (24 July -10 August)