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ResearchCentre for East Asian Studies Groningen

Seminar | Navigating the South China Sea: Challenges and Opportunities

When:Fr 10-03-2017 09:00 - 17:30
Where:Senate Room, Academy Building
scs seminar

The South China Sea is a semi-closed sea and has been considered a geographical and geopolitical hotspot in the Asia Pacific. Geographically, the South China Sea connects the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, Asia and Oceania, and is regarded as one of the most important shipping lanes in the World. Geopolitically, there are territorial and maritime disputes among states bordering this area. In addition, other actors outside the South China Sea, including the US, Japan, European Union, etc., actively engage in this region as well. Against this background, it is challenging for all disputant parties to seek for an amicable solution to resolve long-standing disputes.

This workshop in Groningen intends to look into some recent developments in the South China Sea area. On the one hand, it will particularly focus on the South China Sea arbitration which is a widely noticed case in the international community. This session aims to present a thorough analysis of the Arbitral Tribunal's decision and potential impact on the international rule of law. On the other hand, the workshop will concentrate on the South China Sea politics and dispute settlement in the future. This session will first give some reflection upon the South China Sea politics from the perspectives of China and the outside world, and discuss some dispute settlement mechanisms in this area to maintain regional peace and security.

Organizers: Prof. dr. Jan van der Harst / Mr. Xu Qi

Preliminary topics

  • First session: –The South China Sea Arbitration and international rule of law
  • Second session:– The South China Sea arbitration and its Legal implications
  • Third Session: The South China Sea politics: China and the outside world
  • Fourth Session: The South China Sea dispute settlement: Present and future