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ResearchCentre for East Asian Studies Groningen

Mongolia lecture: Gendered meanings in Mongolian tea practices by Gaby Bamana

When:Th 02-07-2015 13:00 - 14:15
Where:Room A8, Academy Building

Gendered meanings in Mongolian tea practices by Gaby Bamana (CEASG / GSG Guest Lecture)

Organized in association with the Centre for the Study of Religion and Culture in Asia.

Dr. Gaby Bamana is adjunct professor of Anthropology and Religious studies in the USA and affiliate researcher at the National University of Mongolia.

"In the presentation, I will describe the sort of meaning women construct in ‘cooking’ tea every day and in performing social practices that have tea as main symbol. I will argue that meaning women construct in tea practices are gendered because of the position of power of their production. Thus women in Mongolia contribute to the system of meanings that make up the culture of that particular society, which is generally portrayed as patriarchal. The presentation aims at the deconstruction of the concept of culture while suggesting the gendered quality of meanings."

Gaby Bamana was born in Kabwe, DR Congo and joined the Catholic Missionary institute of Scheut in 1992. He was sent to Mongolia as a missionary in 1995. After many years of service, he became fascinated by the richness of the Mongolian History and Culture and enrolled at the National University of Mongolia. His knowledge of the Mongolian language opened up a deeper understanding of the challenges of the inculturation of a western religion in an eastern country through African auxiliaries. Eventually, he decided to concentrate his time to deepening his knowledge of Mongolia and Inner Asia through a PhD in social Anthropology at the University of Wales, UK.

Gaby Bamana is author of numerous articles and books on Mongolian culture including On the tea road, A journey into Mongolian life and culture (2011); "Articles Tea practices in Mongolia: A field of gendered power and meanings" (Asian Ethnology) "Dogs and Herders: Mythical Kinship, Spiritual analogy, and Sociality in rural Mongolia " (Sino- Platonic papers, March 2014); "Men on the right and women on the left: Symbolism and metaphor in Mongolian ger domestic space" (Mongolia Society Journal).

CEASG / GSG guest lecture

Gaby Bamana
Gaby Bamana