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Application deadline MIRAI exchange programme in Japan

Wanneer:vr 23-10-2015

The Government of Japan has launched the MIRAI programme, a short-term youth exchange programme, to invite about 150 graduate and undergraduate students from Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus who study politics, security policies and economics in Asia or Japan.

The title “MIRAI” refers to the Japanese word MIRAI (pronounce like / “me-rye”) which means “Future” and stands for Mutual-understandings, Intellectual Relations and Academic exchange Initiative.

1. Aim of the programme

The Government of Japan hopes that the programme offers an opportunity to ( ) promote mutual-understanding, ( ) enhance intellectual discussions and ( ) build strong networks among future leaders of Japan, Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Thereby the programme fosters the solid foundation of the relationship between Japan and the regions in the future.

2. Requirements

The candidate students must be into the following criteria:

  • Students who are either graduate or undergraduate students possessing Dutch nationality.
  • Students who are specialized in politics, security policies, economics, international relations, Asian studies, Japan studies or other related fields, and who are EAGER to take a leadership in their own countries or international organizations in the future.
  • Students must understand and agree to the aims of this programme.
  • Students must commit to sharing their experiences and knowledge of Japan through communication devices including SNS after returning to home countries.


Students who have ever joined any inbound programmes run by the Government of Japan, or those who have experienced long term stay in Japan in her/his life MAY NOT apply this programme.

3. Programme Outline

Participants of this program will have one-day experience of lectures and discussions in one of the most prestigious universities in Japan together with Japanese students. 150 participants will be divided into three groups according to their interests; 1) politics, 2) economy and 3) culture and society. Each group will receive a special lecture from lecturers who actually have classes in several prestigious universities in Tokyo, as well as having discussion with Japanese students. Lunch and dinner time will be the best opportunities to frankly exchange thoughts and ideas with Japanese students, enjoying Japanese bento-box for lunch, and Japanese cuisine for dinner.
The visit also includes  several top-notch technological and infrastructural sites, unique historical and cultural sites.

After the activities in Tokyo, students will travel to a provincial region outside of Tokyo for a weekend local home stay programme among other programmes. Students will experience authentic Japanese family life there and exchange their views with the host family and local residents. On the way there might be a possible chance to ride the Shinkansen Bullet Train, the world famous Japanese high-speed rail system. On the last 2 days, students will return Tokyo to finalize the programme with report sessions and the rest of official activities.  


· Deadline for Application: 23 October 2015
Interview with pre- selected candidates: 4 November 2015
Mirai programme in Japan: 15-22 December.

See for the programme in more detail this link .

4. How to APPLY:

Please apply by sending the application form to

A pre-selection will be done on the basis of the application by prof dr. Janny de Jong and Dr. Chris Lamont. You may add a letter of motivation but that is not obligatory. The application form includes an essay of 200-500 words. ( See the application form).

On 4 November an interview will take place with the pre-selected candidates. The interview will be held at the Embassy of Japan in The Hague.

The candidate (s) will be informed about the outcome of the selection process soon after this interview.

Start of Programme in Japan : 15 December 2015.